I have never written a blog post about any conference I attended. After this year’s TestFest I decided to change that and officially praise all the people involved in making this amazing event happen. 

For those of you who don’t know it, TestFest is a conference for Software Testers (duh…) held in Wrocław for the last 6 years. It’s organised after hours by a group of passionate, incredible people, who somehow manage to make this event to be free of charge. 

TestFest is a very special event for me, as I have had the pleasure to speak at it every time since the first edition. Six years of TestFest are at the same time six years for me on TestFest. After that time, organisers feel like old friends. Also, the first TestFest was my first big conference as a speaker, so I have to say… I owe them. 

Now, 3 reasons why TestFest is awesome.

  1. Organised with passion. Some conferences are commercial and that’s fine, some conferences are made by passionates who want to you feel at home. TestFest is for sure the second one. You can feel that people behind TestFest just want you to feel comfortable and welcome. I know that from a speaker’s perspective only, but I’m quite sure all participants feel that way as well. 
  2. Eco-friendly. I participate in many conferences. Every time I come back home with a bag of gadgets I receive from organisers. Some of them are useful – usually, gifts for speakers are awesome, but of course, as it’s for a limited group, it’s more expensive. Most is (apologies for honesty) waste and ends up in the trash. I know that people are used to getting free goods at events. Damn, there are even people who go to various event for free stuff only! But do we have really to produce tons of waste made of plastic and rubber? Personally, I’m very concern about ecology and our impact on the natural environment, therefore I yet more praise and respect TestFest for asking all participants to bring their notebooks and pens. Great decision!
  3. Socially responsible. The conference was held on the 29th of February, so a bit before any there was any official guidance regarding coronavirus. However, TestFest organisers showed how it should be done. I was really impressed that they asked all participants to stay at home if they don’t feel well and give their ticket to someone on the waitlist. Also, they provided antibacterial gels and surgical masks during the conference, to anyone who would need those. I witnessed a real concern and a serious approach to the problem. When other events (concerts, sports etc.) simply said they won’t cancel the event (and won’t basically do anything…) unless they are told to by the government, TestFest showed social responsibility and introduced proper measurements to provide high sanitary standards. I understand that cancelling the event is an enormous cost, but still showing an actual concern about participants health should be the priority.

All in all, I’m proud to be a part of TestFest speaking there every year. And I will continue to speak at TestFest unless the organisers say they’ve got enough of me. I think that other conferences, often with much bigger budgets, should look at TestFest and learn.

Well done guys! And thanks for having me, again 😉

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